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Re: FUD alert!


I'me fairly new to linux and have a few questions for you folks'  about this 
Email from M$ .

How much of what they say is true?  They are obviously taking great delight 
about the issue but how much is just MS properganda meant to divert the 
public eye from Code Red etc?

Am I right in reading that this Email was sent by MS to their customers?  If 
so, are all their communications so unprofessional and badly written, let 
alone, so unethical?

Did RedHat act badly by releasing information and a patch before others? 

I pressume that the fuss is about Security Advisory - RHSA-2001:157-06, if so 
I am grateful to RH for alerting me (that is, after all, why we subscribe to 
the alerts list) and allowing me to make an informed choice as to wether my 
system is at risk.  My view (opinion only) , if MS and other developers 
know about the problem then so do the crackers, why wait.

I really do not know much about the IT world, but my experience is that MS 
and MS products are dishonest (the box looks great ...) and that Linux is an 
'honest' concept.  As a customer I demand Honesty from products and vendors, 
MS do not fit that bill (,Bill).  RH do, however.


RE: FUD alert!. 
On Thursday 06 December 2001 19:47, you wrote:
> Here's an email that was forwarded to me, originally from a Mircosoft
> employee to his customers.  The FUD factor is off the scale!
> <snip>

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