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Re: Really Stupid 7.1 install question

On Thu, 5 Jul 2001, Rob Wolfe wrote:

> Just dug one up (bootable CD) to ensure that I hadn't lost my mind. Even
> went back and re-checked the CRC  all are ok  ...
> Is there a way to make a the installer fire up without booting into it or,
> failing that is there a way to create a bootable CD that I can verify (bear
> in mind that my burner is on a Windows box - yeah yeah yeah ).
> I will even settle for a method of making the boot.img fire up (yes i am
> desperate
> Rob
It is possible that your BIOS will not handle the boot image on the 7.1
install cd.  If I remember right, it is a 2.88M image, instead of a
1.44M image, and not all BIOSs will handle it.

One thing you could try is to mount one of the install images from the
CD using the -o loop option, and extract the kernel and initrd.img
files.  Put them in /boot, and then edit lilo.conf to offer them as one
of the options.  You will have to look at the different selections
available in syslinux.cfg, and pick the one that matches the type of
install you want to do.  I have not tried to do this, and it may not
work, but it is worth a shot.


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