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Re: could the OS damage a NIC ?

Thanks for your reply Bob,

Yes I did.. sorry... I should have said that in the first email...

All the cards I took out from that machine did not work in any other systems with different OSes after its trip in that server ! And
they don't look blown-up, no capacitors, resistors, etc look toasted...

I also tried into different PCI slots...and there are no other cards in it... so it cannot be an interference of some kind with
another card...


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Sent: Thursday, July 19, 2001 2:32 PM
Subject: Re: could the OS damage a NIC ?

> Dominic,
>      This may be a stupid question but, did you take the NIC from the
> machine after it dies and try it in a known good server to see if it is in
> fact a bad card?
> Bob
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> From: "Dominic Coallier" <dcoallier shikatronics com>
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> Sent: Thursday, July 19, 2001 2:28 PM
> Subject: could the OS damage a NIC ?
> Hi everybody !
> Has anybody heard that an OS could damage a NIC ?? I mean... maybe there is
> a bug somewhere..that accidently overwrites the firmware of the NIC and then
> prevent it from working... Has anybody had that problems ?
> Here is what happens.. On a RH 6.1 Machine, I got a 3Com 3c509B NIC.... and
> it always dies after a week or two. The server is been working fine for 2
> years..then we started to have this problem 2-3 months ago.  We changed the
> NIC 10-15 times now, changed the motherboard twice. Changed the switch it
> was hooked up to. We changed the PowerSupply. We also changed the UPS it was
> plugged into just in case it could be that... and it still does it.  We also
> have our 10Base-T cables as well as the building's electrical wirings..by
> some electricians to make sure our wiring was not faulty..
> Now I am down with two options that I could think of.
> Either it's the Internet Line coming from outside that gives a bad
> current... the other servers on that switch did not have any
> problems..but..maybe it could be affecting only that one !
> Or either it's ...something..maybe the OS..or another program..that has a
> bug and overwrites the firmware of the NIC...
> This Server does not have a modem..so..it cannot be an electrical problem
> with the phone lines...
> Any suggestions, help or comments on that one would be very appreciated !
> Thank You !
> Dominic
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