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Re: XFree86 configuration (my own experience with Laptops)

I don't have the answer to your question, but here is what I have found.

Are you installing from scratch? I just can't install RH7.x XFree86 from 
the disk on my laptop. I have to install RH6.2 in text mode, fine tune 
XF86Config and then *upgrade* to 7.0. If I try to run Xconfigurator after 
the upgrade, config files get ruined forever, and I have to reinstall 6.2, 
fine tune and upgrade to 7.0 again. Another "interesting fact": when I 
have tried to replace lines in the configuration file of XF86Config-4 with 
the lines of older XFree, it does not work.

I *guess* the problem is in the monitor configuration rather than in the 
video card configuration. When I connect an external monitor to my laptop, 
RH 7.0 installation (even from scratch) starts in graphical mode and 
everything goes smooth. Problem: fonts. When I change video back to LCD 
screen, it works, but fonts are just ugly (although they look great on the 
external monitor).

BTW, my laptop is a Toshiba Satellite 205 CDS. If any one has any tip to 
make it work with X (or the XF86Config file to make it work with the new 
XFree) please let me know.

I have to reinstall today, and I am pretty sure there must be a better way 
to do it.

TIA, and best regards,


-----Original Message-----
From: "Z.H." <zbynh world-online no>
To: <redhat-list redhat com>
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2001 22:10:57 +0200
Subject: XFree86 configuration

> Hi,
> I'm still unable run Xwindows on my laptop. When I edited my XFConfig-4
> file I'm getting this message:
> (**) XKB : model : "pc101"
> (**) XKB : layout : "us"
> (**) SVGA : Graphic device ID : "Trident CyberBlade (generic)"
> (**) FontPath set to  "unix/: 700"
> (--) SVGA : PCI : Trident CyberBlade/i7/DSTN rev 93, Memory @
> 0x40000000,
> 0x4000000
> (--) SVGA : chipset : generic
> (--) SVGA : videoram : 64K
> (--) SVGA : clocks : 25.18
> (**) SVGA : 16 bpp not supported for this chipset
> *** A configured device found, but display modes could not be resolved
> ***
> Fatal server error : no screens found
> and so on
> Where can I edit lines nr. 5-8? I'm enclosing my XF86Config-4 file so
> someone could help with editing it. My LCD display supports resolution
> mode of 800x600 in 64 000 colours. I'm unable to select LCD with
> Xconfigurator because my video card is detected automaticlly and pop up
> window with monnitors don't appears at all. Is it necessary to edit
> another file beside this one?
> Zbynek

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