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Re: shell scripts

>Hello, RHL;
>	Here's an interesting one for you:
>I wrote this script (it's really not important what it does but here it is
>so you can follow me):
>	#!/usr/bin/env bash
>	if [ -d ./archive0 ]
>	then
>        	mv -i $1 ./archive0
>	elif [ -f ./archive0 ]
>	then
>        	echo "File archive0 exists.
>	Delete and try again or don't use this command."
>	else
>        	mkdir ./archive0
>        	mv -i $1 ./archive0
>	fi
>It's called archive0.

I have to assume that the script, named archive0, does NOT exist in the
same place where the directory archive0 exists, since it physically couldn't.

>When I send it a wildcard, say
>archive0 tournaments.*
>It only grabs the first file (alphabetically), i.e., if my pwd contains
>the files
>	tournaments.aux  tournaments.log  tournaments.tex
>	tournaments.dvi  tournaments.ps
>the script only grabs tournaments.aux. Hmm...
>	-Jason

Correct, since the 5 files will be assigned to $1 through $5.  You are
only looking at $1.  You need to use $*.  If you were to test each of the
files for some reason, then a for loop would be needed.

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