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Re: urgent

First of all,could you be more elaborate on what kind of problem you are
Perhaps,we could suggest something after that.
Secondly,why did you change your file permissions??
No solution could be such that it would need your entire root filesystem
to be read-write by all.Now,you have your entire filesystem prone to any
sort of attacks!


Vidiot wrote:

> >In root prompt i used this command
> >
> >#chmod -R 777 /
> >after give all permission
> >i am  unable to do ftp, everytime is coming login failed.
> >please solve it problem
> >pl reply me ASAP
> >regards
> >prasanta
> Why did you do that?  Now you've really screwed up your system.
> I'm not sure what others on this list will say, but it sounds like
> you need to reload your system.
> MB
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