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Re: urgent

Trond Eivind Glomsrød wrote:

You could try

rpm -qa |xargs rpm --setperms


That is mind bogglingly powerful stuff. If ever I wondered why would I want to install from rpms, this is yet another reason to go throught the exercise. I know folks give me a private roll of the eyes when I bitch about not finding something in rpm format and they tell me to go get the tarball or do the CPAN -M thing but I keep digging until all hope is lost.

In my mind RPM is one of the finer things that RedHat has done for the linux community and ranks right upthere with <flame retardant> printtool </flame retardant>.

Thanks for the tip Trond. Once again you have given me a nugget of information that may indeed come in handy some day. I hope not today.

BTW do those of you that told the original poster that chmod -R / was a bad idea think you were being helpful? My guess is that he figured it out by the time he asked for help.


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