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RE: Can't configure network

You must solve the "-SIOCSIFFLAGS:Resource temporarily unavailable" problem
first.  Generally this happens when an ethernet card is trying to share an
IRQ.  You may have to manually go into the BIOS setup and move this card to
an unused IRQ.


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Subject: Can't configure network

My two pcs win98+Redhat7.0 and another is win95 only. Win98 and win95 is
connecting well. But I can't configure network in Linux.
eth0 is not giving any error message when booting so I think it is
configured properly.

1. ifconfig displays only lo not eth0

2. my /etc/hosts file is as follows   localhost  localhost.localdomain  bckv  bckv.harvest.com  main
When I pinging main(win95) or its ipaddress, it gives 'network unreachable'.
Win95 pc can't connect linux also.

3. when I issue command 'ifconfig eth0' it
displays -SIOCSIFFLAGS:Reseource temporarily unavailable

4. '/etc/rc.d/init.d/smb start' displays
Starting SMB services:  [OK]
Starting NMB services : [OK]

5. '/etc/rc.d/init.d/smb stop' displays
Shutting down SMB services:  [OK]
Shutting down NMB services : [FAILED]

Please help me to configure network in step by step format.
With advance thanks

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