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RE: RedHat users like Mustang convertibles?

I would say that you have not owned an American car lately.  The cards made
today last as long and perform as well as their japanese or european
counterparts and are generally less expensive, both in initial cost and in
maintenance.  I moved from Nissan back to Ford and I couldn't be happier.

>From what I have seen, the Japanese car makers are more interested in their
higher-end models anyway (Nissan/Infinity, Honda/Accura, Toyota/Lexus), and
besides, all of the cards are made with parts from all over the world
anyway.  There really are no more "American" cars.  The majority of the
parts are imported and a lor of them are assembled in Canada anyway.

...and my mustang convertible still rules.  You can drive your honda all you
want, but womens' heads still turn more for a 'stang than for any japanese


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At 6/7/01 11:30 AM -0500, you wrote:
>Besides, Mustangs are to cars what RedHat is to operating systems. Cool, 
>dependable, and fun to drive.

Errr... you must have some other car in mind. Japanese, or European.

 From Honda:

A Honda/Acura NSX is cool, dependable, and fun to drive ($70K).
A Honda/Acura CL Type-S is cool, dependable, and fun to drive ($30K).
A Honda S2000 is cool, dependable, and fun to drive ($30K).
A Honda/Acura Integra GS-R is cool, dependable, and fun to drive ($20K).

Consistent image across a wide range of prices; similar comparisons can be 
done for BMW, Toyota, Audi, and others. The Mustang gets a measly 44 hp per 
liter of displacement; the CL gets 81, the Integra GS-R gets 94, and the 
S2000 gets 120.

It's noteworth that a mustang (a wild horse) is primarily known for its 
agility and for being light on its feet. The Mustang, a two-ton 
straight-line rocket utterly useless for anything with curves (i.e. 
anything but a dragstrip), retains none of those capabilities as of many 
many moons ago. Your '68 is actually one of the better examples of the 
breed, age be damned.

I can go on and on... however, my point is not (primarily) to rag on the 
'stang. My point is that under no circumstances I can imagine would the 
Mustang deserve a comparison such as you made. Sure, it was the original 
pony-car (which term actually is derived from the name), but that was a 
long time ago.

Perhaps it'd be more accurate to compare the Mustang to an 80's-vintage 
UNIX system, from where many ideas were drawn, who gave the world a great 
bloodline to draw from, who contributed much to a generation of people... 
and who has sadly gone downhill in its old age to the point of a 1999 
Mustang being a distinctly inferior car in my eyes to the 1969 version.

Flame away, gentlemen (and ladies); I stand by my statements.

I'll return you to your regularly scheduled Linux now.

Rodolfo J. Paiz
rpaiz gold guate net

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