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Re: hi MIKKEL supply medicine

On Sat, 9 Jun 2001, P.Sen wrote:

> stop them GURU !!!
> culprits are onboard Intel AC'97 audio and Compex RL2000 pci nic.
> I start my pc with win98 and then linux when necessary.
> 1. i added /etc/modules.conf with 'alias eth0 ne2k-pci' and options
> irq=several parameters seeing /proc/interrupts,
> but insmod showing 'invalid parameter param_irq', 'insmod eth0 failed'
> ,'Delaying .... [FAILED] etc.,. /proc/pci lists my nic correctly.
> With no irq parameter modprobe shouts for it's irq=0, but when booting it
> shows 'Bringing up interface eth0  [OK]'. Is irq0 shares with timer ?
> I changed my Award bios 'Resource controlled by' both Auto and Manual, but
> kudzu can't detect nic.
You normaly do not use the IRQ option with PCI NICS, because the IRQ is
normaly assigned by the BIOS.  The only thing the card can control is
witch of the 4 PCI IRQ lines it uses.  The BIOS maps these lines to
IRQs.  (Except for a few early P60/66 boards that had jumpers to assign
the lines to IRQs...)  For use with any OS except Windows, you need to
set the BIOS to non-PNP OS.  Windows will also work with this setting,
except for (broaken) some ISA PNP cards...  How you set this in the BIOS
depends on the BIOS.  All my systems have a setting for PnP OS.  You
select "NO" for this.  Some others have an OS setting.  Set this to
"other".  As long as the NIC has an IRQ of 0 in /proc/pci, it is NOT
going to work!

> 2. When I removed nic, kudzu detects my Intel AC'97 audio but fails to probe
> (no test sound) and after booting 'Loading mixer settings: aumix: error
> opening mixer [FAILED]' displays.
> Adv. thanks to you
> PS
I am not sure about the sound card.  I will let someone that has worked
with this card answer this.  It may be that the card is not being set up


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