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RE: Bru on Redhat 7.1

Wow how do I do that?



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On Tue, 12 Jun 2001, Linux wrote:

> I have just installed BruPro as part of my Redhat 7.1 new installation.
> I am unable to login to the server.
> I get the message "bconnect: Connect to server failed: (111, 'Connection
> refused')
> The login info I use is as follows
> Server 	server  or localhost or localhost.localdomain
> Machine 	server
> user		BruPro
> password
> Any clues
Firewall settings?  Are you blocking port 111 (portmap)?  It is normaly
to block it from the Internet, but it is needed if you are going to use
rmt to access a tape drive on the server.  You can also set up BRU to
use ssh to control rmt on the server, instead of using rsh.


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