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Weird boot problem

Hi all,

I have a machine with a weird boot problem... Szenario:

Ordinary P133 box, SCSI controller, booting from SCSI (EIDE controller is
disabled). Software: RHL 5.2, updated to kernel 2.0.39.
When booting, the machine gets beyond LILO, then freezes right before the
"Unpacking Linux...." message. Funny thing is: If I hit the reset button, it
will boot on second attempt.

The whole trouble started after adding a sound card (ALS100 based,
Plug'n'Pray). I was able to get it running with the original 2.0.36 kernel,
but not with 2.0.39. I then discovered, that Red Hat's 2.0.36 included Alan
Cox' patch for modular sound and proceeded to port it to 2.0.39 (not
surprisingly, changes in the sound system seem to be marginal between those
kernel versions). As described above, it is working (including the sound
card), but only on second boot... 2.0.36 still boots on first try.

My guess is that this has something to do with PnP or so. It's not really
*that* important, as this is more of an experimental box, but still, it
would be nice if someone had some ideas.


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