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Re: connecting dumb terminals

On Wed, Jun 13, 2001 at 02:14:13AM +0530, hari_bhr wrote:
> hi
> does any one installed and configured serial port cards on linux
> and connected dumb terminal to that
> any experts help will appriciate

Not hard... you need 1) a working terminal, 2) a correctly-wired
serial cable with the correct connectors to match your terminal and
your serial port. Note that it should be a "null modem" cable.
3) modify /etc/inittab to enable a getty on the correct serial port.

Check out the "Serial-HOWTO" document. You ought to be able to find
a copy of it on your system in /usr/doc/HOWTO (or wherever the docs
are put on your particular Linux, I know RH7 puts 'em somewhere else,
but can't recall where).

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