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VPNd runs more or less :-P with some problems

 I have VPNd running
 between a computer connected to a frame relay (VPNd Server) and my linux
 box at home which is behinf a 3com ADSL Router.

 Well I can create the VPN and I can ping both machines but when I want to
 use telnet or ssh I have problems, ssh makes the VPN fails at all, of
 couser it reconnects but I can´t use sshd, telnet connects perfectly and
 when I enter in a session an execute a ls the connectio hangs.

 Any idea? :(

 I can view this in the logs...

 Telnet form server to the client of the VPNd

 In the server side...
 15 00:41:03 firewall vpnd[10694]: peer link failed, reason 105, closing
 Jun 15 00:41:04 firewall vpnd[10694]: listening with address
 on port 5555

 In the client side...
 Jun 15 00:51:48 echelon vpnd[3952]: peer link failed, reason=105, will
 retry in 10 seconds.
 Jun 15 00:51:59 echelon vpnd[3952]: connected to

 Using SSH In the same way I have the same problem but is more critical
 because I can view the login prompt :( it hangs before :-(

 Can you help me?



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