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Re: alternatives to Netscape

On Mon, 18 Jun 2001 19:45:14 -0700 Duane Clark <dclark akamail com> spit

> > While writing the last email, I thought of something, tried it, and
> > improved the situation dramtically.
> > 
> > I kept going over and over what was different (besides the obvious)
> about
> > running netscape and mozilla. Then, while writing the email, I thought
> of
> > another thing that I hadn't thought of in all of this time: Xdefaults.
> >...
> > I'd never thought of it if not for Duane writing a possible solution
> that
> > mentioned logging out and in and getting my brain going again. That
> got me
> > to thinking about other things that get updated when one logs out and
> in
> > again.
> Actually, the .Xdefaults file should take affect without logging out and
> back in:-) But back to the fonts...it looks like you do have the fonts,
> but are they listed first in the file
> /etc/X11/fs/config
> (or whatever file you are using).
> By the way, Mozilla has a page on this subject:

Yes. They were already like that. But, the .Xdefaults file fixed it.
Logging out might not have been necessary (I use it without logging out
when changing some settings) but, I did it without thinking when I tested
whether or not it would work. Mozilla is now usable, provided I stay away
from the mail stuff, though I can likely get it working with some more
> http://mozilla.org/unix/customizing.html


I like to get behind early.  That way I have more time to catch up.

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