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Re: Best Linux Fileshare

At 6/19/01 11:53 AM +1000, you wrote:
If you're inside a firewall, you're fine (assuming you trust all the
machines inside your firewall, which broadly speaking you should -
if you don't trust a machine, kick it outside your firewall ASAP!)

You _are_ firewalled, aren't you? If you connect to the public net,
even over a dialup, you should be.

Yes, I am. However, I run *servers* which by their very nature are somewhat more vulnerable, and I worry about them, especially since I'm a newbie which by its very nature is more dangerous. <grin>

It also bugs me that NFS seems to use a lot of pieces... running it or stopping it or understanding it is not as simple as Apache or DHCPd, for example: one daemon and one process to run it all.

I gather you feel that NFS should never be let out of the firewall, then? Is blocking port 111 enough to accomplish this, or are any other ports used?

-- Rodolfo J. Paiz rpaiz gold guate net

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