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Linux as MS/Mac Fileserver?

    I'm trying to keep myself from going nuts and busting a network file
server to pieces with a sledge hammer.  The darned thing is running
WinNT 4.0 Server and it has a RAID controller in it with 4 SCSI drives,
and two other SCSI drives sitting on a different chain.  It also has two
10/100 NICs in it.  Problem is, it's crashing way too frigging often!
Driving me insane.

    This system is responsible for a network that's carrying Netbeui,
TCP/IP and Appletalk, all at the same time.  The two hubs connected to
the NICs have Macs as well as PC's connected to them, and data flows
both ways (HUB to HUB, HUB to Server)...  The primary function of this
machine is storage.  All systems mount it's drives on their desktop and
files get copied to and from the server.  Files can also be deleted from
it that way (this is what we want).  Basically, it's a big filing
cabinet, with big holes shot through it for network transfers.

    I need to have all those protocols loaded on the system because most
of our printers are networked, and some work off of TCP/IP, some work
off of Appletalk and then we have machines that just need that frigging
Netbeui protocol to work properly.

    Now for my question: does anyone see any problems with me nuking the
OS and installing RH on it?  I'm particularly interested in the network
setup, that is an absolute must.  I can deal with the TCP/IP stuff and
get routing and stuff done, but the others?

    I see Snapservers running linux, so it must be possible.  Our Snap
works on both the Appletalk network, as well as the TCP/IP one.

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