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Re: Linux as MS/Mac Fileserver?

Ashley M. Kirchner wrote:

    The question here is, can Netatalk/Samba handle multiple subnets and allow data to flow from one HUB
to the other without a problem.

I'm confused. What do you mean by a HUB? Good ol' vanilla ethernet hub, or something more sophisticated?

 We have machines sitting on one network, that need to be able to see
another sitting on the other network (different IP range all together).

If you have two or more IP subnets, then something has to be able to route between them. If by "HUB" you mean a router, that's an issue (not a problem, just something that we need to know about in order to give you good information). NetAtalk does AppleTalk over TCP/IP (somebody correct me if I've got that wrong, it's been a while), so if you have IP routing issues you'll need to clear that up before NetAtalk will work across your whole enterprise.

Appletalk never seem to have
cared about that, it just always worked.

This suggests that you really do have hubs and that they're acting as one big daisy-chained network segment, since I don't think that AppleTalk really likes to be routed across physical subnets. But AppleTalk isn't my strong suit so I could be wrong.

TCP/IP however, no matter what we did, how we configured, and
reconfigured that server, we could never go from one subnet to the other.

If I'm understanding your situation correctly, that's proper behavior for TCP/IP, since the whole point of having subnets is to segregate network traffic. If you want packets to jump from one subnet (physical or virtual) to another, you need a router between the two.

Did you try configuring your server with IP addresses on both subnets at the same time? If AppleTalk works from one end of the wire to the other, then that might work as well.

Does your subnet structure mirror your physical layout? By that I mean, do all hosts on hub A live on subnet X and all hosts on hub B subnet Y? Suppose your server is on hub A/subnet X; what happens if you give a host on hub B an address on subnet X and try to ping the server?

I've had certified MS
technicians in here, and THEY couldn't figure it out,

I'm shocked.

We also have TCP/IP and Appletalk printers that sit on either one of HUBs, and machines on both HUBs
need to be able to see/talk to them.

Shouldn't be a problem.

And no, this file server is NOT a print server.

Shouldn't matter, but it could be if you want.

-- ~~~Michael Jinks, IB // Technical Entity // Saecos Corporation~~~~

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