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Re: Linux as MS/Mac Fileserver?

    Funny, after posting the layout, suddenly the thread dies.  I hope I
didn't scare people off.

    Anyways, next issue to tackle: Storage Device

    We transfer large files across our network, some 80 to 85% of our
work lies roughly between 50Mb and 1Gb worth of information, per job
(with an average of some 30 to 50 jobs sitting on the system at any
point in time.)  So, we need to be able to retrieve and save these large
files fairly fast.  Now, I realize I'm restricted by the network speed,
that's fine.  I'm not worried about that, however I don't want to have a
bottle neck on the server because it's not saving/reading data fast
enough.  Keep in mind that data retrieval, or saving might be coming
from between 1 to 5, and up to 10 machines at the same time.  (yes, a
lot of data transfer at the same time)

    How do you folks feel about the following:

    a) SCSI versus IDE
        - First, we like speed, however, I don't like the cost
          involved with SCSI, certainly not for a big file server
        - Second, I keep hearing that SCSI's outlast IDE's.  I don't
          have any concrete info on this and I'm hoping someone can
          give me some idea here.

    b) RAIDs
        - How do you feel about IDE RAIDs versus SCSI ones?  Again,
          keeping cost in mind, IDE seems to give more bang for the
          bucks, however, longevity becomes a concern.

    We've had RAID SCSI's for the past 7 years now, and we've already
run into trouble with it, when one of the drives died.  The system uses
a striped, 2 channel setup which I would like to do away with and setup
a mirrored RAID.  However, how much of a performance hit will I take if
I went with an IDE setup?  Also, don't IDE's tend to change faster than
SCSI's (in terms of how long one is able to last on the market, before
having to go find a replacement when it dies)?

    Right now, I can not find Seagate, 4.5Gb narrow SCSI's anymore, so
if any one of the eight drives in that old machine were to go right now,
we're screwed.

    I'm open for suggestions here.

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