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Re: Relaying Denied

		Hi Rodolfo,

> All mail moves nicely, no basic problems. Relaying works great *IF* the IP or
> hostname is in the access map. However, I have a tiny webhosting company, and
> my 200 users are spread out over 7 countries. They travel extensively, and
> connect from God knows how many ISP's.

> >I think this problem will be fixed quicker by reviewing your server's
> >configuration though.  AUTH shouldn't be necessary.
> The fact is I have (today) 200 users who may wish to use SMTP from any 
> point on the globe. I must allow them to send mail, and no one else. I see no
> better way to configure the box than AUTH.

 I am *very* new to sendmail, but I would like to butt in anyway :). Wouldn't 
it suffice to add the appropriate email addresses in the access.db (in 
combination with authorization to avoid others from using an existing reply-to 
address to send spam)?
 If that doesn't work in the current setup, then what about 
FEATURE(`relay_mail_from') described on http://www.sendmail.org/m4/anti-
spam.html, also in combination with authorization?
 Sorry if this doesn't make sense, I warned you beforehand ;).



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