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Searching the Red Hat list archives

>From time to time I?ve tried to search the Red Hat archives at the Red
Hat web site. 

For example, I go to,

and try to take advantage of the search utility that?s made available. 
I type in "network" click the "Subject" box, and then click the
"Search" button.  What I hope to get from that is a list of messages
with the string, "network" in the subject line.

I?m getting lots of messages listed with no such string in the subject

Realizing this is a free service, I humbly submit that it would be nice
if the list displayed the subject line, instead of having to click on
the message to find out what the subject line is.

And of course if you click the "Subject" box, the search engine should
search subject lines only.
   === Al

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