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Re: MS declaration of war

On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, Leonard den Ottolander wrote:

>		Hello Rodolfo,
>> The GPL requires that, when you use GPL-licensed software, that any 
>> software you distribute in conjunction with it also abide by its terms. So, if
> That is untrue. You can use GPL-licensed software to build closed software 
>(what do you think Borland is doing with Kylix. I assume they just use gcc as 
>their compiler (not 100% sure)). What you can't do is take a GPL-ed package, 
>improve it, and sell it as your own.

What I think you are referring to is the fact that you can't improve on a
GPL-ed package and distribute it as a binary without also making the code
freely available. You can sell the binary or give it away, but the code
must be free to anyone to whom you have distributed the binary.

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