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Re: Dual Boot System Problem

On Mon, 25 Jun 2001, Mohd Ilyas wrote:

> I'm a newbies in Linux but not in Unix. I have a
> question to ask. My PC (Dell Optiplex GX110, Pentium
> III Processor)has 2 hard disks. The primary h/disk
> running Windows 98 Second Edition and the second one
> running RedHat Version 6.0. My question is:-
> How I want to make dual boot system (Windows 98 & RH)?
> >From what I understand that Windows 98 write over the
> Master Boot Record MBR). At the moment I boot the LILO
> from Diskette (Drive A). Windows 98 is still my
> primary boot system.
> tq.
If you log in as root, after booting from your floppy, you should be
able to run lilo, and have it restore itself to the MBR.  If you have an
entry for Windows in /etc/lilo.conf, you can pick the OS to boot from
the LILO: prompt.


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