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Re: DHCPd hanging machine

On Tue, 26 Jun 2001, Hank Wethington wrote:

> Hey guys,
> Having an issue lately. I wanted my gateway machine to provide DHCP info to
> my internal machines. I have successfully run this before on a FreeBSD box,
> so I was excited to get it all set up. I added the RPM to the machine (A RH
> 6.2 box) and it set up the conf file. It all seemed to work great. I brought
> up a winblows machine and it got the right info. Again, I was excited. I
> finished for the day and went inside. Later that night, I went to play a
> game (hey can't work all the time) and I couldn't get out over the internet.
> Tried to SSH to the Linux machine to see what was going on, and no
> connection. Hooked up a Monitor to the RH box, and hit the keyboard a few
> times. Nothing. So I reboot. Everything was fine. The log file showed no
> issues. It happened again about once every 24 hours. I finally disabled
> DHCPd and now the machines runs fine. I'm very confused and mad that I have
> to use my lame Winblows server to offer DHCP to my users.
> Any ideas? Is there a problem with DHCPd on RH 6.2? If you need further
> information let me know. I can provide the conf file and any needed info,
> the logs are long gone as I haven't messed with it in about a month.
> Thanks guys and gals,
> Hank Wethington
I know dhcpd works on 6.2, so I have to ask a couple of dumb questions.
Are you using dhcp on the interface to the internet?
If yes, did you modify /etc/rc.d/init.d/dhcpd and add the interface for
your internel network to the command line?

I am taking a wild guess here, but what I think may have happened is
that your pump and dhcpd started talking to each other, and pump locked
up the system.  But from the information I have, it is only a guess.

I have had dhcpd running for a couple of years here, first on 5.2, then
on 6.2 without problems, but I do not have it running on the firewall,
so I do not have the multipul interface problem.  I have had dhcpd set
up on a machine with 2 NICs, and specifying the interface on the command
line worked well for limmiting the responce to part of the network.


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