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Re: LPD attacks (was: Strange log entries)

On Wed, 27 Jun 2001, Statux wrote:

> back in my day, we collected times and addresses and called ISPs and got
> some accounts pulled.. now while that won't stop a true lamer from getting
> another account elsewhere.. it does stop some of the puny homegrown
> script kiddies and open up the possibility of legal investigation since
> DoS's are against federal regulations.
> It all comes down to people being self centered, and yet not thinking
> about themselves.. for as funny as that sounds.
> Like with emailling of DOS executables and 3MB mpeg movies, etc, that
> Windows idiots do... sure what you're sending might be funny but it slows
> everything down.. to send email from one host to another might require the
> data to pass through 25 machines and thousands of miles of cables. They
> just don't think about the real side of it all.
> With script kiddies.. they're morons for trying to 0wn stand alone hosts..
> and even bigger morons when they kill their own net access.
> What does breaking into a computer using some unoriginal tactic prove?
> Furthermore.. through all the IDS's that these peons have tripped alarms
> on, I'm willing to bet that next to none of them ever get reported to the
> provider. It's sad. Too much ignorance... not enough action.
> *sigh*
Even if they did get reported, unless it is a small provider, nothing
happens when you do make a report.  It is too much work for them to
track it down, and actualy do something about it.


    Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons,
 for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.

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