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Re: Samba

In smb.conf file put "encrypt passwords = yes" and it should work


On Tue, 26 Jun 2001, Devon wrote:

> On Tuesday 26 June 2001 08:16 pm, Jake McHenry wrote:
> > K guys, I've read a lot of documentation on samba, but can't seem to
> > get it to work, right. It works, but I have the guest account setup,
> > and all the shares I want available, I have to have them guest
> > accessable. If I don't, then it prompts me for a password, and no
> > matter what password I put in, it doesn't work. The guest account
> > works fine, but is wide open, full access to anyone who puts the
> > username into their windows box. Any help would be greatly
> > appreciated.
> Here is a link to some tests to run, with possible fixes.
> http://us1.samba.org/samba/docs/DIAGNOSIS.html
> I haven't used samba in some time, but as I remember, when connecting 
> from a windows machine, windows sends the name of the user who is 
> logged into windows. I don't know that there is a way to send a 
> different user name from windows. For example, if you log into windows 
> a devon, and there is no account devon on the machine running samba, no 
> password will work, as the account doesn't exist.
> Here is a brief snip from the above page regarding this:
> >
> Also, do not overlook that fact that when the workstation requests the
> connection to the samba server it will attempt to connect using the 
> name with which you logged onto your Windows machine. You need to make
> sure that an account exists on your Samba server with that exact same
> name and password.
> >
> Also, in the samba docs there should be a file detailing how M$ broke 
> passwords in samba. I don't recall the details, but do remember the 
> solution detailed there solving the same problem for me. 
> Here it is, from their site:
> http://us1.samba.org/samba/docs/Samba-HOWTO-Collection.html#AEN238
> Here is part of that info:
> >
> Note that Windows NT 4.0 Service pack 3 changed the default for 
> permissible authentication so that plaintext passwords are never sent 
> over the wire. The solution to this is either to switch to encrypted 
> passwords with Samba or edit the Windows NT registry to re-enable 
> plaintext passwords. See the document WinNT.txt for details on how to 
> do this.
> Other Microsoft operating systems which also exhibit this behavior 
> includes
>     *
>       MS DOS Network client 3.0 with the basic network redirector 
> installed
>     *
>       Windows 95 with the network redirector update installed
>     *
>       Windows 98 [se]
>     *
>       Windows 2000
> Note:All current release of Microsoft SMB/CIFS clients support 
> authentication via the SMB Challenge/Response mechanism described here. 
> Enabling clear text authentication does not disable the ability of the 
> client to particpate in encrypted authentication.
> >
> Bear in mind that if this machine is accessable to the outside world, 
> having a guest account is a Bad Idea. Having samba accessable to the 
> outside world is probably not a good idea, unless you have a need to do 
> so.
> Hope that helps,
> -D
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