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Re: LPD attacks (was: Strange log entries)

On Wed, 27 Jun 2001, Statux wrote:

> > Even if they did get reported, unless it is a small provider, nothing
> > happens when you do make a report.  It is too much work for them to
> > track it down, and actualy do something about it.
> Eh.. it doesn't take much effort to find out who was using what address at
> what time. It's all in standard ISP logs. Some ISPs can then track users
> to monitor them. Easy.
I know, but to do that, they first have to look at the logs that you
send them.  Then they sumtimes have to convert the times for a different
time zone.  Then they actualy have to pull up their logs, and look at
them.  Even worse, once they have identified the attacker, they have to
do something about them.

Consider who they find in most complaints.  Some Windows user that had
their machine compromised, and didn't know it.  They then have to try
and explain that what their machine is doing, and what they have to do
about it.  Maybe things would be different if most attacks were made
directly, instead of through so many links...


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