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Re: 2 nics

On Wed, Jun 27, 2001 at 01:29:33PM -0500, Kerry Miller <kerry miller duralinetx com> wrote:
| I want to try (again) to use an old machine as a router, is there a trick 
| to getting it to work with 2 nics?  I've built Novell servers w/ 2 or 3 
| nics but I'm using an old Compaq P-133 and it doesn't seem to want to work 
| with either the onboard nic and another nic or with 2 outboard nic cards. 
|  I've tried 2 identical cards and 2 different types, even one pci and one 
| isa, but it always seems to choke when I put the 2nd card in.  It will boot 
| but one of the cards is always disabled.
| Is there a trick to making this work that might be related to it being a 
| Compaq?  I know these machines have always been a little finicky, they are 
| Deskpro 5133's w/ P-133 and 90 megs of ram and a 2 gig hd.  If it helps, 
| they don't seem to like 2 nics with Windoze either, so maybe there's 
| something in the bios?

We had similar problems making our firewall. We assume it was some
plug'n'play ordering problem. Our eventual solution involved moving the
video card to another slot. Must have changed the way IRQ things were
handed out. Go figure.

I'm sorry this isn't a nice deterministic solution for you.
Someone who understands these things may be able to do better.
I'm sure something clever involving arguments to the drivers
may do it.
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