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Re: Dual Boot NT - Second Post

Eventually I know it will be controller by NT's loader, but this document for dual booting has you replace NT loader, but only temporarily.

I definitely chose /dev/hda for installing Lilo on the Master Boot Record. That's the default and I didn't change it. The weird thing is that I can't get to Linux off the boot floppy either. I have two floppies, one from a different system and it won't boot on either of them, but it will boot a dos floppy. So I stuck the floppy in another system and it started to boot off of it.

For some reason this Compaq EN866 will not boot from a Linux boot disk, and it apparently has a problem updating the Master Boot Record. It makes no sense.

Any other ideas? I will get the Partition program that ones of the other responses has and see if I get anywhere with that.


At 09:55 PM 11/3/2001 +0200, you wrote:
> I have a test workstation that I want to run Linux on as well as NT. I have
> two documents that explain how to do it, both are very similar. Actually I
> have NT server and Terminal server.
> hda -> NT Server 4 -> NTFS
> hda2 -> Terminal Server -> NTFS
> hda3 -> Linux Swap
> hda4 -> Linux Native
> The system boots to both NT OSes fine with the NT Loader. I installed Linux
> on hda4 and as the document says I expected Linux to boot by default after
> the install. During the install I chose install Lilo on the Master Boot
> Record and the default boot image is Linux.
> When I restart it's still running the NT loader. Anyone know what going on?
> Is it because hda is NTFS?
> Thanks.
> James


If you want to run NT and Linux on same machine the boot procedure MUST be
controlled by NT. My wild guess is you installed LILO on hda4, otherwise the
machine would boot to Linux and you couldn't boot to NT at all.

Use the Linux boot floppy you made during installation to run Linux. Check
/etc/lilo.conf to see where LILO really is installed. It's on the first line,
mine says like "boot=/dev/hda".

Did you make a copy the boot sector of hda4 to C:\? Also edited boot.ini to
add Linux entry there?

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