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Using ulimit to limit resource usage by Apache

 We're running a web server, hosting several hundred virtualhosts, most of 
whom use PHP.  Since there is so much use of PHP, I've compiled it into 
Apache, rather than as a loadable module.

  Rather frequently, it seems that a httpd process (we've tracked it 
happening) will go rogue and consume all memory on the server (1 gig RAM, 2 
gigs swap) which brings the server to its knees and make it utterly 
unresponsive.  Since it's co-located, it's an utter pain to have to go in and 
manually reboot the machine.

  In /etc/profile, I added "ulimit -v 250000", intending that any process 
should have no more than a rather generous 250 MB of memory available to it, 
intending the prevention of a rogue httpd process from devouring all the 
resources.   But it seems that the machine was knocked over again this 
evening, shortly after a reboot (remotely) to test httpd.

  I was wondering if putting the "ulimit -v" command in /etc/profile was 
appropriate for a daemon process.   Ulimit is an internal bash command and 
daemons don't necessarily run from the shell.   The httpd server is run from 
the initscript, which is a shell script; this script will have the ulimit 
constraints imposed upon it and, I presume, so will the parent httpd process 
started from this script. 

  But what about the child servers launched by the parent httpd process?  I 
would presume that the shell isn't involved in their invocation by the parent 
httpd process.  Will they inherit the same ulimit constraints that applied to 
the original shell script?

  Also, from what I understand, the default action of ulimit is to impose 
soft limits.  Would "ulimit -Hv 250000" in /etc/profile better prevent a 
rogue process incapacitating the machine?

  Does anyone have a suggestion how I might better handle this situation?   
Is there a method within Apache itself for constraining the system resource 
usage by any virtual host?

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