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Re: Upgraded to 7.1 - Now Users Cannot Change Passwords??

Do you work as "root" on the system?

Possibly, root privileges allow you to use passwords that don't meet the complexity requirements, but, as regular users, they have to follow the complexity guidelines. (Solaris is like that, and even allows blank passwords, if root manually sets the passwords.)

Paul Greene

At 11:18 AM 11/26/2001 -0500, you wrote:

I recently upgraded to 7.1 from 6.2.  Password aging is in place forcing users to change password every 120 days.  Some users are hitting this limit now and are being required to change their password.  When they attempt to do so they cannot find a password to satisfy.  Receiving messages that password is too similar to previous, too simple, too short or based on dictionary word.  Yet I was forced to change mine and it worked fine.  I even had a user attempt a password that worked for me and it failed for them.

Any ideas??

Bill Hahnel
William J Hahnel irs gov

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