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Re: Printer interface

From: "Edward Dekkers" <edward tripled iinet net au>

> > Can't say for your printer, but according to the tests I've read, my HP
> 1200
> > LaserJet is something like 20% slower when driven through USB port than
> when
> > driven through the parallel port.  Don't know why; may be an aberration.
> That's interesting. I haven't tried USB on Linux yet, but all my
> USB/Parallel printers run about 20% FASTER in the other OS using USB.
> Just curious, as I was intending to set up some new USB printers on Linux
> servers I have at customers - does anyone else have data which shows USB
> interface to run SLOWER than parallel on Linux?

A lot of variables at work in my setup, but I moved an Epson Photo 870 from
a P166 running Windows 95 with a parallel port to a K6-2/350 Linux system on
a USB port and the difference was like night and day - the Linux/USB
combination was a *lot* faster.  It was very obvious from looking at the
printer lights that it was waiting for data on the P166.  In both cases, the
data always came from other systems on my network so the print server was
not doing anything else except spool data.


Ed Wilts
Mounds View, MN, USA
mailto:ewilts ewilts org

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