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RE: Dual boot question

You may have to force LBA32 (see the RH install screen for boot loader
slection and check the box).  I had to do that myself, as I was unable to
get any of the boot loaders to work without it and was stuck with booting
from a floppy.  Also, I use Norton Ghost to create image files for backup
and each time I restore I have to run /sbin/lilo to reinstall to the MBR.
This can only work with the aid of a boot floppy because lilo hangs at boot
after restore, so my advice is to be sure to create a boot floppy as well.

I look forward to the day when I will no longer need a dual boot system and
can run only Linux.


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> Subject: Dual boot question
> Hi folks,
> I have a Dell box that I want to make dual boot.
> The box:
> P4, 512meg RDRAM, 20 gig hard drive, Windows XP
> The problem:
> The problem is the cylinder 1024 problem, I think.
> What I've tried:
> 1) I used Partition Magic to create 6gig of empty space, and
> I moved the
> NTFS partition a bit higher so that I could create a 50 meg /boot
> partition well below cylinder 1024.
> 2) The partitions on the drive go like this (in order)
>      a) Dell Utility (50 or so meg in size)
>      b) /boot ext3 partition (50 meg)
>      c) NTFS Win XP partition (12 gig)
>      d) Extended partition containing:
>         i)  /swap (1024 meg)
>         ii) / (the rest of the hard drive which is about 6 gig)
> 3) Since Boot Magic won't work on NTFS, I specified GRUB in the RH
> installer as my bootloader.
> When I boot the computer, it goes directly into Windows, and
> doesn't go
> into GRUB.  Do I have to do something in BIOS?  Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Rob Yale
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