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Re: Samba-Linux-XP-Win95

> I have a network of Win95 and Linux machines.  Every machine has shares
> and all machines can access the shares of all other machines.  There is
> one exception.   I recently obtained (with dual boot objectives for
> Linux and XP Pro) a new addition for video and sound editing purposes.
>  But I cannot get the XP Pro OS new machine to even acknowledge it sees
> the Linux machine's shares.

It didn't come with Norton Internet Security installed by any chance? Or the
built-in U-Beaut firewall enabled?

Is the XP Pro machine having a cat-fight with the Linux PC over who is to be
the master browser?

WINS resolution? Turn it off if in doubt.

> The new machine can see the shares of the Win95 machines (only after I
> do the Add a Network Place operation for each machine) but not the Linux
> machines.

This SHOULD not be necessary. XP creates all shares and printer
automatically usually. I found out by accident. I added a customer's PC
which needed repairing to my network, only to find XP has automatically
added network places to the C:\ drive shares and I could print straight to
his printer as XP had added a printer automatically and configured it. I
didn't touch a thing. I'm not sure whether this is a good or bad thing, but
I just had to smile. It was pretty cool.

> When doing network testing the error code indicates that the wrong
> account name or privileges may be the problem.  I had this problem a few
> times before with the Win95 machines when the account name was not the
> same as the name accepted by the Linux machines.  But this is not the
> case here.

Windows 95......hhhmmm. Does that have encrypted passwords disabled by
default? I'm sure XP only uses encrypted unless registry hacked. Are your
encrypted passwords turned off?

Also, what security model? I assume 'user' but you may want to check it.
Also make sure you try the same user account on both XP and 95 to make sure
it's not just the account you're using.

These are just some things that spring to mind, but I truly believe in this
case the Master Browser issue is why the names don't show up under 'Show All
Workgroup Computers'. I had that.


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