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RE: Accessing Windows Shares

Goto freshmeat.net and download Linux LinNeighborhood

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On Sat, Apr 20, 2002 at 07:21:47AM -0500, Jim Hale wrote:
>I've been working with RH 7.2 for a while and have some samba shares
>setup that I can access using any of my Windows machines (as mapped
>drives) but is there a way to setup a mount so that my RH machines can
>see the Windows Shares that I have setup on my Win2K Server? I know
>there is, I just ain't figured out how to do it yet. :/

I think there's software that will give you the equivalent of
Network Neighborhood. I tried one but it would not connect to the share.

What will work if you know the name of the server is 

  smbclient -L servername

That gets you a list of available shares. I made smbmnt suid so that I
could mount Windows shares under my own home directory as a normal user.
created a mnt subdirectory in my home directory and mounted shares like

  smbmount //winserver/reports mnt/reports

I also added a few of these commands to my ~/.bash_profile so that they
would run when I logged in. The smbumount commands were in my

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