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DHCPd Not Working

Hello list members.

I've just configured my Red Hat 7.2 box as a gateway
for DSL and I've started using DHCPd again. The
problem is that the clients aren't getting an IP
address. I know the service is running because I did
"ps-aux | grep dhcpd" and it shows that
/usr/sbin/dhcpd is running. Here is the error I get on
a Windows client when trying to renew the ethernet

DHCP Server Unavailible: Renewing Adapter

On the server, in /var/log/messages, this is what is
outputted when I try renewing the adapter in Windows:
Apr 21 12:08:57 commandcenter dhcpd: DHCPREQUEST for from 00:c0:4f:a1:a3:53 via eth0

On a Linux client when restarting the network there is
no error, but simply it uses an old address that was
once assigned to it (don't know how long ago) and in
both the client's and server's /var/log/messages there
are no errors.

Here is my /etc/dhcpd.conf file:
subnet netmask
	option subnet-mask    ;

	option routers;

        option domain-name             

	option domain-name-servers,;

	option time-offset		-18000;	# Eastern Standard Time

	range dynamic-bootp;

	default-lease-time 64800; # 18 hrs.

	max-lease-time 86400; # 24 hrs.

I've looked in some books and the DHCP mini-HOWTO and
I think I've done everything right. Can someone help

Thank you in advance.

This message is from Serban Giuroiu, also known online as The Gyzmo.
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