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Re: WAN connection

Hi Travis
 The ISDN modem on the Redhat Side is an external modem or an Internal
and what is the make of the modem?
I know this has nothing to do with the problem you are having
we had a problem of dialing into Redhat 7.1 box with an ISDN external modem
and our ISP(Who were suppose to configure RAS) where the server is located
said that this is the limitation of Redhat and not their technical
Is it possible to set up ISDN RAS connectivity with an external ISDN modem
without recompiling the kernel on RedHat 7.1 box?
if Yes can you suggest me some good packages for the same and doc's?

Vikram Bajaj

Travis McCarter writes:

> Hello,
> I use a netgear rt328 isdn router to connect one network to another and
> provide Internet access.  The rt328 dials into a RedHat box with an ISDN
> modem and then can get to the other network and the Internet from there.
> I have several public static IP's assigned to me by my ISP.  The current
> setup works, but on the RT328 side, I can only get it to use one of my
> public IP's on the rt328 and the rest of the computers on the network
> have to rely on the rt328 for NAT.  I want to have my Linux PC on the
> other end forward more of these IP's to use on the rt328 end.  I set up
> a route on the Linux box to forward traffic from another public ip to
> the IP that the rt328 is assigned when it connects.  I changed the rt328
> to not be in single user mode, but now no traffic is router anywhere.
> Does anyone know how I can get this to work either by assigning routes
> or using ipchains?  Sorry if this is not clear, if you need further
> info, let me know.
> Thanks,
> Travis 

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