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Re: Wireless lan cards?

>how about just using ssh over the wireless.
>isn't that encrypted even though people can see the
>transmission ?
>so is it okay to use your wireless network card and
>just use ssh ?

SSH is not the native communication over the lan, AFAIK.

As I understand it, the attachment to the network is no different than
plugging your computer into a wired port and having it negotiate an IP
via DHCP.  At that point, the network is wide open.

What has to happen is that all of the data is encrypted, including the
negotiation of the IP.  So, each computer that will attach to the net
will have to have special drivers installed that are also licensed to
work with your network.

That will keep intruders out.

Philips.com (the parent of where I work) has banned ALL wireless lans
becaue of the security hole.  They are evaluating a system that is

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