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Re: RH 7.2 CDROM issue, Dell OptiPlex GX1

Cameron Simpson <cs zip com au> writes:

> On 10:53 21 Feb 2002, Trond Eivind Glomsrød <teg redhat com> wrote:
> | "Gene Sais" <Gsais co palm-beach fl us> writes:
> | > Hi All - Newbie to this list.  I have created a boot cd w/ boot.img and rh 7.2 iso file.  I can boot from the CD.  However, when the install runs, I get the following error:
> | > "I could not find a Red Hat CDROM in any of your CDROM drives. Please insert the Red Hat CD and press OK to retry."
> | > Any clues, hints?  Should I burn a CD using the Red Hat files (expanded) rather than using an ISO image?  Any help or suggestion is much appreciated!
> | Official CDs or ones you burnt yourself? If the latter, reburning
> | might be a good idea.
> I'd remark that the RH72 CDs won't boot off all machines (including machines
> where the RH71 CDs _do_ boot).
> I have a minitower here which has a RH71 distro on it because we couldn't get
> the RH72 CDs to install. And the CDs themselves are fine.
> I thinking it's a driver issue.

They are using 2.88MB images, so it might very well be a BIOS
issue. Or selfburnt CDs (e.g. one of my drives gets very confused over
my high-speed CD-RWs). If you have official or otherwise known good
CDs, try combining with a bootdisk.

Trond Eivind Glomsrød
Red Hat, Inc.

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