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Re: Dumb question: file access across linux lan

G'day Cameron.
from one expatriated Brit to another (if only by heredity ;-)

Well you pretty much got my sentiment. I wasn't sure about nfs vs Samba, but instinct told me the former would probably be a better performer linux<->linux.

Unfortunately, the Windows machine I want to keep going is Win98, not 2k, and even then I don't want to give Redmond another cent (for the resource kit) if I can help it.

I agree, bugger 'em. I'll do it the way you suggest - nfs between linux boxen and Samba for the lame - er, sorry - game box ;-) That way my risk is minimised.

At 01:04 AM 2/26/02, you wrote:
On 00:08 26 Feb 2002, Julian Opificius <julianop mninter net> wrote:
| Well I've had excellent experience so far with Samba in both directions
| between my three Win98 boxes and one RH7.2 box, so I suppose I might as
| well stick with that as I migrate two of the Win98 boxes to RH. (I have to
| leave one Win98 as my sons' gaming box!).

No. Use Samba for exporting to your Windows boxen, but use NFS
between Linux boxen. Even though NFS has its shortcomings, it is
MUCH BETTER than the SMB protocol, which is an ugly multiversioned
incompatible-even-between-windows hash. There's a well known quote from
Tridge to the effect that if he'd realised how much pain there was in
SMB he'd never have started Samba.

| The only worry with going Samba is the threat that MS might pull the plug
| by evolving SMB and digging their heels in over licensing.

Bugger 'em.

| I just thought there was something less MS-ish  that worked as well as
| Samba does. NFS is probably it, but I'd need an NFS client for the Windows
| box.

And if you have the option, that's way cool. The Services For UNIX
collection for Win2K (part of one of the Resource Kits) is Very Very
handy, and pretty cool. Makes your Win2K box:

        - use NFS shares directly
        - use your NIS server to map between UNIX and Windows user names
        - offers handy browsing and network-neighbourhood-like stuff

It's very slick, _if_ you have Win2K and UNIX and have the $s to spend on the
resource kit.

But between UNIX boxes, use NFS. SMB is a horrible crock.

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