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ANNOUNCE: Multi Gnome Terminal 1.5.1

Multi Gnome Terminal 1.5.1

Multi Gnome Terminal is an enhanced version of gnome-terminal, with
many powerful new features and extensions. The most notable
enhancement is the ability to run multiple terminals within the same
window. Each terminal may be accessed by it's "Tab", through keyboard
shortcuts, or menu selections. Non-active terminals alert that the
buffer has changed, or is changing, with color changes on the Tab
labels. Other enhancements: toolbar; buttonbar; flexible Command
options to launch new terminals, tabs and shells from either the GUI
or command line; customizable key bindings for MGT functions and other
uses; shading and tinting; improved Class handling; font shadowing;
the ability to "split" terminals so that each Window can have multiple
terminals; terminals may be "viewed" or "bonded" with other terminals;
and various other improvements. 

Changes: MGT now includes a shell script (mgt-helper) that adds
additional functionality. Notably, you can now have separate bash
histories for each Tab, and you can use mgt-helper as a GNOME URL
Handler to launch text based applications in a new Tab. Also, several
new Actions are available for keybindings, and logging out of a
gnome-session can now save the current MGT Windows, Tabs, paths, and
commands. A number of bugs are also fixed in this release.

Bugs fixed:

A lot of bugs have been fixed, the main ones are:

* removing a class all MGT windows whose class is removed one 
  didn't switch to default class 
* 'Disable All Keybindings' option sometime was wrongly set.
* MGT had several memory leaks.
* Commands were not saved pressing 'ok' or 'apply'
* MGT transparent background wasn't updated sometime (especially 
  in Enlightment) 
* When one pastes text to a terminal that is bonded with other 
  ones, the paste only occurs in the currently active terminal.  
* Background image height was always equal to its width. 
* Various other minor buglets and features fixed.

 Home Page:  http://multignometerm.sourceforge.net

 Downloads:  http://multignometerm.sourceforge.net/web/download.shtml

                                               Cristiano de Michele

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