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Re: Returning to RedHat

Are they returns or first time migrations ??

I consider RedHat to be the defacto standard Linux distribution.  More people 
have heard of RedHat than any other.  That's the reason I chose RedHat in the 
beginning and the reason I'm sticking with it.

I've had others try to convince me to follow other distributions and some have 
given compelling, alomost convincing, reasons.  When you start looking for 
books on the subject however, RedHat has been written about more than any 
other, surpassing even Linux itself.  (No I don't have any statistics here, 
just my observations.  Call me old fashioned, but I'm a book freak)

I'd say it's probably not a question of returning to RedHat so much as it's a 
question of migrating from somewhere else.


On Saturday 06 July 2002 03:02 pm, Robert Jones wrote:
> redhat-list-request redhat com wrote:
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> >
> > Subject: Re: Returning To RedHat
> > Date: Sat, 6 Jul 2002 12:38:13 -0500 (CDT)
> > From: Steven Whatley <swhatley blkbox com>
> > Reply-To: redhat-list redhat com
> > To: RedHat-List <redhat-list redhat com>
> >
> > On Fri, 5 Jul 2002, SoloCDM wrote:
> > > I noticed an increase in the number of messages on the mailing list.
> > > Is there a migration back to RedHat from Mandrake, KRUD, and other
> > > flavors of Linux?  If so, why?
> >
> > I find RedHat Linux to be easier to find in stores like Best Buy and
> > CompUSA.  I don't ever recall seeing Mandrake in stores.  I've seen
> > S.U.S.E. (sp?), Slackware, and mayby Debian (sp?) as well but not as much
> > as RedHat.
> >
> > Later,
> > Steven
> Silly old me! I attributed the increased traffic here to flight from  M$
> Windows.
> Regards,
> Robert

Valhalla -- Linux good, Fire bad

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