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Re: xmodmap

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Todd A. Jacobs wrote:

>> basic editing keys present in the Emacs editor.  ALT+b moves the cursor
>> to the beginning of the previous word.  ALT+l will lowercase the word
>> after the cursor.  If you've left the capslock on, move the cursor back
>> a few words and lowercase them rather than delete and retype :)
>Being more of a vim guy, I didn't know one could do this. Very cool! I 
>learn something new every day. :)

Todd - I personally can't live without the little "cheat sheet" that
comes with Stallman's 'GNU Emacs Manual'.  It's fulla little stuff like
that.  That book is a surprisingly good recreational read, too --
there's so much _stuff_ in emacs that one would never think to look for
or happen across by chance, that the only way to wrap one's brain around
its scope is to read the whole book.  I really think it wants to be an
operating system!

The price of the book goes to FSF, too.

- -d

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