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Re: Network problems

Network problemsHi List
         I upgraded to Linux 7.3 from 7.2 and I installed samba but when I
try to connect to samba it gives me a network path error network not found
after following the technical pages for samba it appears that samba works
fine on the local machine but not from a windows machine using net view I
get an error 53 network path not found. In the testing I found that after
the upgrade telnet and ftp no longer work either and I was wondering if this
was related to samba not working. I have spent several days trying to figure
this problem out and have got no were I am hopping you can help. When I use
telnet hostname it says connecting to hostmachine than after a few minutes
it says could not open connection to host. when I ftp to hostname after a
few minutes I get a connection reset by peer. I can ping the pc and that
works ok I also found that my network printer no longer works either it is
sent to a jet direct on a windows network and it was working before I
upgraded. Do you have any suggestions on how I may fix this besides
reformatting and trying a clean install of 7.3? Or is it not a good idea to
use the upgrade path to 7.3?
Thanks Joe


1> No HTML to the list Joe, always use plain text.
2> Take a deep breath, your sentences appear very long. :-)

3> Check your firewall configuration - it smells like your problem lies


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