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Re: can't build pctel-0.9.3 (still)


I still couldn't build pctel-0.9.3. I'm using RH-7.3 where the
installation was done using all the default directories. I rpm'ed
from the CD the kernel source (something-2.4.18-rpm, don't remember
exactly now) and untar'ed the big *.bz2 file into /usr/src, creating
a tree called linux.  The question that I have now is why there
are some header files with the same name in two different directories?
For example slab.h was already in /usr/include/linux and now also
appeared in /usr/src/linux/include/linux. These are different and
I don't know which is the one that pctel wants.


>I have a Dell laptop model m50 on which I installed RedHat-7.3.
>The machine has a built-in modem PCTEL 2304WT V.92 MDC for which
>I understand that I need a driver. I downloaded the program
>PCTEL-0.9.3 but I cannot get it to build. I followed the instructions
>in the README and FAQ, still it appears that the problem relates
>to the file "modversions.h". Did anybody succeded in building
>this driver, or alternatively is there any other driver out there?
>Thanks in advance.

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