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Question Regarding Filesystems

I just wanted to get some feedback regarding what everyone's thoughts are on the current filesystems available to Linux.

I am currently running reiserfs and ext3 in an enterprises environment. I am wanting to use Veritas (vxfs), but had a few questions.

1) Anyone on here using vxfs on RH 7.2? (or 7.3)
2) Can a vxfs filesystem created on a linux system be mounted on a Sun system in a shared disk environment (SAN)? (A veritas engineer told me yes but I take anything they say with a grain of salt) In this day and age you need bonafide real-world proof that something is viable.

I want to mount a few 1TB filesystems to a Sun box for backups and then remount back on the Linux systems. I am hoping the Linux version of vxfs will allow this, anyone know? Does anyone know any other solutions that will allow such a scenario?


Chuck Carson
Sr. Systems Engineer
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Pacific Beach, CA 92109
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