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Re: Linux vs Mac vs Windows

>     "Are there particular applications or peripherals you use, or would like
> to use, that work under Windows or Mac OS, but still there are no solutions
> for under Linux?"

With Crossover Office, which provides a Win32 emulation layer, the
application barrier has been pretty much obliterated.  As for
peripherals, the only problem I've ever seen is with WinModems.

As a Linux user, I often feel strangled when I have to work on a Windows
platform, because everything that you might want to do you have to pay
extra money for.  Print to PDF?  Mo money.  Use office applications?  More
money.  Do diagramming?  More money.  Do computer graphics?  More money.
Do basic database work?  More money.  Move my basic database onto a more
advanced platform?  More money.  Do accounting?  more money.  Build
applications? More money.

Sometimes I can find such software for Windows, but the hassle of having
to locate and install it, and the fact that it only works half as well as
with Linux makes it a tough choice.

With Linux, I just find the distribution that matches my needs, and for
about $100 I have all the applications I ever wanted, preinstalled, and
supported.  Some people don't understand the Linux desktop, but I don't
understand how anyone manages to get anything done in Windows.  It's like
the whole thing is set up to make as many roadblocks to getting work done
as possible.

For example, on Windows, every application tries to have it's own splash
screen, even if it's a small utility.  This is a pain because I just want
it to open and run.  As I said, it's like they are putting up roadblocks.
And when I want something automated, I can do that easily, too.

There might be a good application or two on Windows that's not on Linux,
but you can test it with CrossOver if you really want to use it.  I
haven't had any that I was dying for, though.

Hope that helps you on your quest.  Was there anything specific YOU needed
to know for your switch?

Jonathan Bartlett

> Thanks,
> Doug Lerner, Tokyo
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