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Thoughts on LDAP Anyone ?

Hi All,

Were are building a server running RedHat 7.3 which among other things will provide ldap services for authentication and information for a variety of other applications.

I know that upon installing there is a point whereby the installer asks what mode for authentication one would prefer. I was wondering whether the ldap option there applies to an existing ldap server ? Or does it mean that include ldap in the authentication list (nsswitch.conf) and then configure it later. Or does it configure the /etc/ldap.conf for you, or do we need to do this by hand.

There is an authentication converting program in 7.3, has anyone used this ? Anbody using ldap in a such a fashion or along similar lines care to share their thoughts please. Thanks in advance.



Aly Dharshi
aly dharshi uleth ca
System Administrator ORS Servers

	"A good speech is like a good dress
	that's short enough to be interesting
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