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Re: permissions and security

On Sat, 2002-03-02 at 12:15, Nick Wilson wrote:
> * and then Gordon Messmer declared....
> > > My problem is that ssh and scp seem so cumbersome. Is there a ssh
> > > equivalent to ncftp I might try?
> > 
> > Cumbersome in what way?  I've always found them to be much easier to use
> > than the older telnet/ftp (and never used rsh/rcp)
> Hmmm... good question, perhaps cumbersome is a bad word choice. What I
> mean is that I don't like having to type in te full path to the remote
> *and* the full path to the local every time I transfer.
> typical command looks like this right?
> $ scp path/of/files/to/upload/ :/path/to remote/server/blah
> whereas in ncftp id just type
> $ put -r dirname
> Maybe I misunderstand, feel free to correct me :-)

Relative paths work find with scp.  For instance, the following command
will copy the file .bashrc in the current directory to your home
directory on remote.server.net.

scp .bashrc remote.server.net:

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