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Re: XFree at 800x600

Hi Brian,

> > I can't believe nobody there can tell me how to duplicate acanonda XFree
> > settings! This is all I want now: 800x600x256 on my laptop, just as
> > acanconda did during install of 7.2. :-(
> Anaconda uses Framebuffer to run X. It's not that common for people to have
> to use it now a days, hence the lack of responses. Most everything is fairly
> well supported.
> To get you started you may want to look into the Framebuffer HOWTO or other
> sites with info. I've provided a couple to get you started...
> http://zjuul.net/framebuffer/

The simple instructions on this site were enough. Now I have 1024x758
with colordepth 16 or 32. Thanks a lot!

PS: Shouldn't Xconfigurator have an option to configure the FVDev X
Server? This would make much easier to configure an unsupported card.

[]s, Fernando Lozano

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